Wodociągi i Kanalizacja Sp. z o.o. w Strzegomiu

Lokalization Strzegom
Period of implementation 2010 - 2012
Range Quantity of treated sewage Qdśr = 6 200 m3/d.
Description Enlargement of the Strzegom Treatment Plant on the Rybna street within the ‘Ensuring proper sewage handling in the Strzegom municipality’ project.
1. Main sewage pumping station
2. Sand remover building
3. Overflow chamber
4. Preliminary tank
5. Separation chamber
6. Anaerobic and anoxic chambers
7. Dephosphatation chambers
8. Denitritation chambers
9. Excess sediment tank
10. Mixed sediments tank
11. Multi-function technology building
12. Mechanical sediment congestion station
13. Fermentation chamber engine room
14. Generator station with a boiler room
15. Closed fermentation chamber
16. Biogas desulphurization plant
17. Biogas tank
18. Biogas torch
19. Treated sewage pumping station
20. Blower station
21. Administrative and rest and leisure building
22. Preliminary sediment pumping station